Overduin and Kite

6693 Sunset Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90028

"Chinese Box"
October 4th-October 31st, 2009

Paul Sietsema, "Collection," 2009, dust and enamel on paper in artist's frame

Paul Sietsema, "Black disks," 2009, cast urethane and enamel on newspaper

Kaari Upson, Untitled, 2009, smoke on oil panel, diptych

Vincent Fecteau, Untitled, 2009, mixed media

Amanda Ross-Ho, "Double Negative Carrier (Cornucopia)," 2009,
canvas dropcloth, aluminum thumbtacks, plastic thumbtacks,
acrylic paint, clear gesso, graphite, gold plated brooch,
plastic stencil, sharpie

Seth Price, Untitled, 2005, vacuum formed high impact polystrene

Barry Johnston, "Final Party I," 2009, ribbon and paint on canvas

Trisha Donnelly, Untitled, 2007, pencil on colored paper


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